Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bangkok Day 1 & 2

Continue from the last post, we finally reached Bangkok on the evening.
Visited Asiatique before check in to our hotel...
After taking the 到此一游 pic in the front entrance,
It's time to feed our stomach =)

Decided to pay a visit to "Yum-Sap" for our dinner...
They had been famous with their instant noodles =)
Tomyam, Green Curry and Normal Fried Noodles.
Spicy salad taste good as well with the crispy pig skin..

Walking around to digest and bought some souvenirs....
Things are really cheap with a reasonable quality in here...
We bought silk scarf, passport holder, keychain, and of course NARAYA =)

We also manage to try out the famous fried ice cream in bangkok. 
Blueberry Yogurt Flavor
Before eat, let me take a picture first ^^

Spending few hours in Asiatique and finally we going back to our hotel in Pratunam area.
I feel goosebumps once I reach the place as it been so crowded and the road are just too narrow for car to pass by @@
Continue to hunt for supper after checked in and settled down.
There are so many stalls located in the street just below our hotel.
Grill Seafood everywhere with cheap price ~
The best food is this marinated BBQ pork !!! 
Taste really really delicious !!!
We had it at least one a day ^^

Day 2 >>> Chatuchak Weekend Market
Spent whole day here as we know there is thousand of things for us to shop...
However, every afternoon bkk will definitely been raining...
We just able to shop for a while, we spent most of our time standing a corner and wait the rain to stop =,,,=
Had "wanton mee" for breakfast before heading to chatuchak
This coconut ice cream had been well-known in Chatuchak.

Heavy rain in the afternoon.
The BBQ pork had attracted us when we passing by the food areas. 
Have a try and it taste really nice for the crispy pork with their special chili sauce.

Not leaving without buying anything coz things are really cheap at there.
We bought some hand-made stuffs, phone case, and bag. 

Will be travelling around the city centre tml ^^

Day 2 in HuaHin

Wake up at 9am morning
Gonna travelling around HuaHin's famous tourist spot today ~~

1st Stop >>> HuaHin Train Station
The old-fashioned train station was still operating 
Picture Time !!!
Typical tourist pose =)

2nd Stop >>> Plearnwan Eco Village
Reached before 10am to wait them open =,,,=
Such a beautiful village 
Stalls selling variety of local snacks is available 
And all of them are just so delicious =) 
Thai Milk tea is a must for your daily breakfast in Thailand !!!
Also tried out their famous soup noodle before leaving this beautiful village...

3rd Stop >>> Santorini Park
Nth to explain becoz picture tells ALL  =)
The best thing of them is there is air-cond inside the washroom.
So that we can hide inside here for a while...

4th Stop >>> Unknown Farm
Really no idea whr this place is just know is not far from Santorini Park right beside the high way. 
Can't really find a single person in this place. Therefore no entrance fee is needed =)
The animals in this farm is kinda suffer as the weather is super duper HOT !!!!
Hi camel ^^

Here comes the end of our 2D1N trip in HuaHin...
Head to Bangkok to continue hunting for food and clothes =)
Luckily the air-cond is cold enough not to spoil our look =)
3 of us slept like pig in the car for the whole journey
Kesian the driver...=(