Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 2 in HuaHin

Wake up at 9am morning
Gonna travelling around HuaHin's famous tourist spot today ~~

1st Stop >>> HuaHin Train Station
The old-fashioned train station was still operating 
Picture Time !!!
Typical tourist pose =)

2nd Stop >>> Plearnwan Eco Village
Reached before 10am to wait them open =,,,=
Such a beautiful village 
Stalls selling variety of local snacks is available 
And all of them are just so delicious =) 
Thai Milk tea is a must for your daily breakfast in Thailand !!!
Also tried out their famous soup noodle before leaving this beautiful village...

3rd Stop >>> Santorini Park
Nth to explain becoz picture tells ALL  =)
The best thing of them is there is air-cond inside the washroom.
So that we can hide inside here for a while...

4th Stop >>> Unknown Farm
Really no idea whr this place is just know is not far from Santorini Park right beside the high way. 
Can't really find a single person in this place. Therefore no entrance fee is needed =)
The animals in this farm is kinda suffer as the weather is super duper HOT !!!!
Hi camel ^^

Here comes the end of our 2D1N trip in HuaHin...
Head to Bangkok to continue hunting for food and clothes =)
Luckily the air-cond is cold enough not to spoil our look =)
3 of us slept like pig in the car for the whole journey
Kesian the driver...=(